Frequently Asked Questions

Do you travel outside the Area? 

YES.  For a small fee we will travel anywhere you need us! We bring everything we need including tools, product, chair, mirror, extension cords, ect. 


How much is your Travel Fee? 

PA - There is a $20 flat rate on site travel fee and parking reimbursement is required if necessary. Mileage fee (over 60 miles) and toll cost may apply.

VA - Outside Hampton Roads Virginia we charge .50 cents per mile/round trip + tolls. (100 miles x $.50 = $50) 

FREE within the Hampton Roads Area! (Norfolk, Suffolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach)


What is a "Booking Deposit"?

The booking Deposit is charged to reserve your special day.  A "save the date" if you will!  It will be counted towards the final price of the contract, but is non refundable in the event of cancelation.


Can you handle large parties?

YES!  For large parties we bring an assistant to help and cut down on time.

Hampton Roads, VA Assistant : $50 Flat rate. (Parties of 6 or more)

Philadelphia, PA A La Carte Assistant : $50 Flat rate. (Parties of 6 or more)

Philadelphia, PA Package Assistant: $75 Flat rate. (4-6 person Max) 


Do you offer Airbrush Makeup?

 YES! The Hampton Roads, VA makeup artists (BlushTones) we work with are fabulous and very talented. They are certified in airbrush makeup and also offer traditional makeup services. We work together to make sure you look absolutely perfect on your special day.  

Our Philadelphia, Pa FLAWLESS team also offers airbrush makeup! Makeup prices include the choice between airbrush and traditional makeup at no extra charge.


What is the difference between Airbrush makeup and Traditional makeup?

Since traditional makeup can fade without frequent touchups, airbrush makeup provides a stress free, long wearing application that is non transferable!  Some people even sleep in it and wear it the next day! Airbrush makeup isn't just for celebrities prepping for a full day of filming anymore. When done correctly, it looks natural, feels light, and lasts longer. Traditional makeup also takes time to blend to create a flawless look. However, airbrush makeup does all the work for you, and therefore, is faster to apply. This seamless application process provides a perfect look both in person and on camera- not just in professional photographs either. Think of all the camera phone pictures friends and family take, too!

Traditional makeup is great, too! Since traditional makeup is applied using brushes or a sponge, it can sometimes provide more coverage. It is also great for photoshoots with multiple looks since it is more easily moved around on the skin. Traditional makeup can also look flawless! The main difference is that it will fade faster than airbrush makeup. 


What if not everyone in my party wants both Hair and Makeup services? 

THATS OK!  Our Hair and  Makeup Package is customizable. We will work with you to make sure everyone in your party is 100% satisfied with the services they choose. 


How many people need to receive hair and makeup services to qualify for hair and makeup package pricing?

To receive package prices, 3 additional people besides the Bride must book hair AND makeup services. Otherwise, a la carte prices will be charged.

There is a $285 service minimum for our Senior Stylists, and a $375 service minimum for our Master Stylist during our peek season (April - Sept).  

There is a $205 service minimum for our Senior Stylists, and a $275 service minimum for our Master Stylists during our off season (Oct - March).

Trial sessions, Travel, and Assistant fees do not count toward that minimum. 


Do you charge more for an updo?

NO.  It is a flat rate no matter what type of hair style you desire. We treat everyone the same and guarantee you and everyone in your party look FLAWLESS


Do I need to provide anything? 

NO. We travel with everything we need, so all you need to do is relax and enjoy every moment of your special day!  


What if I don't know what hair or makeup style I want? 

NO WORRIES!  We offer every bride a  Trial session/ Practice Run!  We will meet with you before your wedding day and try out as many hair and makeup styles as you want!  We take as much time as you need to consult with you and make sure you will look perfect on your big day!  All you need to supply is any pictures or ideas you have, and/or any hair pieces (veil, flowers, clips, ect.) you want included in your styling. 

- Perfect